We’re proud to present another advanced clip from Ctrl+Alt+Compete: we call this one “Money.”

Every entrepreneur wants money, but how do you get it? And once you find some money, how do you know it’s safe?

Entrepreneurs need to know where the money is. They need to know when is the right time to take money and under what circumstances. And they need to know how to spend what they’ve got carefully so they don’t burn through the piggy bank before more cash arrives.

In this clip we follow Marci Harris, a passionate entrepreneur who’s gone to extreme financial lengths in pursuit of her vision.

[This clip features: Christina Gagnier (IP attorney Gagnier Margossian LLP), Christine Herron (Intel Capital, 500 Startups), Marci Harris (PopVox), Mark Suster (GRP Partners), Allison Mooney (Google Trends & Insights).]

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