[The Raw Interviews: Ctrl+Alt+Compete is a documentary aimed at introducing startup culture and tech entrepreneurship to people who may have great ideas for awesome businesses but are outside the tech echo chamber, so it avoids too much inside-the-beltway analysis, techie jargon, and esoteric history. In our dozens of hours of interviews, though, we’ve stockpiled some really fascinating stories that might be too dry or insider-y for the average viewer but would be of great interest to tech enthusiasts. The Raw Interviews series is a place where we’ll be presenting some of the more academic clips for those of you interested in diving deeper into the world of Ctrl+Alt+Compete.]

Accidental Pioneers #2 – Ryan McIntyre

Ryan McIntyre is emblematic of the Silicon Valley Dream: a super-nice, kinda nerdy guy with an odd major at Stanford (Symbolic Systems) who put together a company in his college dorm room that eventually hit a valuation of $7 Billion. Yes… that’s with a B.

These days, Ryan is co-founder and Managing Director at Foundry Group, a VC where he serves on the board of several companies (including our friendsĀ Topspin). It was in this context I interviewed him, but when he mentioned he got his start as a co-founder of Excite (one of the very first internet search engines) I justĀ had to hear his entrepreneurial backstory.

Much like the first installment of this Accidental Pioneers series (WSJ.com), the guys behind Excite had something very different in mind before they launched their once-humongous precursor to Google.